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Water Line Freeze Ups FAQs

At what outdoor temperature do most freeze ups occur?

Without proper protection of working heat tape and good insulation freeze ups can occur anytime the temperature drops be 32 degrees F. Most freeze ups occur when ambient outdoor temperature drops below 15 degrees F.

I have water in one part of my house, but not in another. Is my main line frozen?

No, you are experiencing a freeze somewhere in the belly of your house. If the main line was frozen you would have no water anywhere in the house. This may require additional belly insulation to help retain heat.

Where is my heat tape located?

Generally, heat tape is wrapped around the water line under your home. The plug-in for the heat tape may be at either end of the line.

What does Frostex Heat tape look like?

The following picture shows the braided heat tape line and a 9800 GFI controller.


How do I know if there is power to the heat tape?

The GFI Plug has a Power light indicator. If there is power to the plug this light will glow orange.

How do I know if the heat tape is warming up?

The braided heat tape cable should be warm to the touch. The indicator light does not mean the heat tape is warm.

The orange light is on, but my heat tape feels cold, what should I do?

Pressing the reset button should activate the heat tape. You should feel the braided cord getting warm to the touch within 30 seconds.

I tried to push the red reset button, but there is plastic over it. Should I remove the clear plastic cover?

The plastic cover may be removed or you can use a dull pointed object like a screwdriver to penetrate the cover and reset the plug.

How long after resetting the GFI plug can I expect water again?

Anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours.

My heat tape is plugged in and warm but I have no water, now what?

Generally there are two other places that could be frozen beyond the main water line.

#1. The water line as it enters the home through the floor. In some older homes this area is actually accessed through an outside panel on the exterior of the home and also contains the hot water heater. This area may require an additional heat tape to prevent freezing.

#2. The water line coming up from the ground. Many homes have a Woodford riser which has its' own heat rod.

The picture below shows a woodford and heat rod. The heat rod must be fully inserted and plugged in to prevent freezing at ground level and below.

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